3 Things Which Can Make You Look Rich

3 Things Which Can Make You Look Rich

Everybody From Bollywood biggies, to business people, to everyone in showbiz, is being seen shopping brands worth lacs on regular basis, and we regular people just envy their lifestyle and want to be like them but the bitter truth is can we afford all of that?

Most of the people will say a no to that, but there are always many options to achieve something, so Today i'll be telling you how can you look as rich as they are, just by keeping in mind these simple points.

Bodycon Dresses

Usually, We tend to wear more skater type or fit and flare dresses because they are comfortable and easy to handle too, but if you want that fashionista look, a skater is a big NO for you, try to opt in for bodycon dresses, they will make you look more edgy and sophisticated in your looks and appeal. And please girls never think that how will you look in one, just remember, you have got it, so flaunt it.

Fracture bags

The handbags which we carry gives a outlook of our personality to the people we meet, the bulgy ones show that we are more of a lazy kind, the totes show that we dont care what you think, but a fracture bag gives a sharp definition to our personality, hence reflecting a rich fashionista look so ladies and girls, a fracture bag is a must have, moreover i must say get one today and see the difference yourself when you go out, its a garuntee you will feel a confidence within you also, Anyways moving to the third and the last entity which is my personal favourite.

Pointy Heels

For all who are not aware, pointy heels are highly in trend these days, every bollywood and hollywood biggie are seen wearing pointy heels, and i must say, they add such a grace to your poise and walk, that people will not be able to take their eyes off you, You can pair them up with that skinny jeans of yours, or that bodycon dress we talked about before, or maybe with your formals also, they goes on with everything, I would say a pair of white pointy heels is a treat to everyone.

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